About Us

We Eat, Sleep & Breathe Podcasting

Podcasting to us is more than just podcasting. It gives us the freedom to create what we want to create, connect with like-minded people all around the world and has changed all of our lives collectively. Now it's our priority to show you the power of what a podcast can do for your life, career and/or business.

Meet Your Support System

Chris Cownden, The Expert Whisperer
Head Coach, Founder

Jacob Bozarth
CEO at Resound.fm

Alex Sanfilippo
CEO at Podmatch

Melinda Wittstock
CEO at Podopolo

Phil Better, The Podcast Mogul

Shannol "SA" Grant
Host of Boss Uncaged Podcast

Blaine Bolus
CEO at Castmagic.io

Nick Christensen
Head of Marketing at AppSumo

Mike Cavaggioni
CEO at Edit Pods

Kareem Mostafa
CEO at Chopcast

Austin Armstrong
CEO at Syllaby.io

Rob Winters
CEO at PodOps

What Our Community Say About Us


Chris Acebu

Chris does an excellent job at cutting down the noise and honing in on the salient parts of launching a podcast, building a strong online presence and brand. You really get a sense of how much he loves doing this...which to me is everything.


Dante Healy

Working with Chris has been a game changer for my podcast. I am now able to secure high-level guests, improve my public speaking skills, and expand my network of relationships. I highly recommend Chris to anyone looking to take their podcast to the next level and overcome their struggles with inaction.

Tonya Gossage

Tonya Gossage

Chris has a heart of gold, one for helping entrepreneurs fulfill their dream through podcasting and surrounding them with experts in their field to help ensure their success. I have been podcasting for over a year, and meeting Chris through networking proves that your contacts equal your contracts.