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7 Day Podcast Launch Challenge

The most affordable and comprehensive course for aspiring podcasters who want to advance their careers and grow their professional network. Podcasting taught by industry leading experts.

The Curriculum


Your Toolkit

We have worked with AppSumo to create a collection of tools for you to launch, grow and market your podcast. 


Podcast Guesting

Alex Sanfilippo will be addressing a couple of topics that are crucial for the success of your podcast – finding guests, making a great first impression and avoiding common mistakes.


The Strategy

What is your podcast going to be about and why do you want to start one? We'll covering everything from strategy to picking the best hosting provider for your first podcast.


Best Practices

How does the ranking system on Spotify differ from that of Apple Podcasts? James Cridland shares how to get featured, how to rank your podcast, what to measure and what not to do in your first month of podcasting.


Podcast Editing

Editing a podcast is painfully time-consuming and boring and most podcasters quit because of this. Jacob Bozarth from Resound will show you how to save time and improve the quality of your podcast from the start.


Podcast Marketing

Creating amazing content is just the first step - now it's time to get the word out there and reach your target audience. Blaine Bolus shows you how to leverage Castmagic to its full potential.

It's Not Just A Course! Here's Why....

Expert Workshops

Our workshops are an extra on top of your purchase to help you advance your skills and learn from more experts and your peers.

AppSumo Sponsored Events

We run quarterly events with AppSumo to help you find the best tools on the market at the best price. This is an huge bonus!

User Retention
Community Success

We give you plenty of opportunity to network with your peers and help you the best we can within in your means. Start small, then invest as you go.


Success Stories


Mohamadi Tapsoba

The Entrepreneurship Formula

Chris and I connected through podcasting after he helped me launch my podcast, The Entrepreneurship Formula in 2022. He sat with me live to record the trailer and gave me killer constructive feedback that could have taken me 12+ hours on my own, but instead it took an hour or so. As well as podcasting, he's exceptional at web design and brand development too. I can't recommend him enough for both services.

Tonya Gossage

Tonya Gossage

Influence & Growth Mastery Podcast

Chris is known as The Expert Whisperer and top brands trust him. He has a heart of gold, one for helping entrepreneurs fulfil their dream through podcasting and surrounding them with experts in their field to help ensure their success.

Chris Acebu

Mental Arsenal

The Podcast Launch Challenge helped me move past the stuckness and launch my podcast, Mental Arsenal.

Chris does an excellent job at cutting down the noise and honing in on the salient parts of launching a podcast. (Psst! He even coaches beyond launching: growth + monetization).

He teaches from experience and freely offers valuable insights. And you really get a sense of how much he loves doing this... which to me is everything!

Daouda Tamboura

Predictable Growth

I have been dreaming about launchng my podcast for a whole 2 years and was always overthinking about it. I even think about give up on it.
But since I joined this challenge, everything become so clear in my mind that I have done more than just launching my podcast with bunch of episodes already ready to go live. Beyond that, I got access to an amazing community that support each other and make the journey more fun.

Wherever you are and whatever language you speak, if you truly want to launch your podcast and have everything you need to promote it and monetize it, the Podcast Launch Challenge is defintely the way to go.

Dante Healy

Business Breaks

 highly recommend the Podcast Launch Challenge online course. Chris Cownden, goes above and beyond to ensure that each student succeeds in launching their podcast. The strategies provided are clear and actionable, which sets this course apart from others. I couldn't be happier with the results I got from the Podcast Launch Challenge.

Lisa Khera

Lessons From The Core

I joined the challenge and was so thankful to learn along side a wonderful community of entrepreneurs with the same goal of launching a podcast.

I have successfully launched my podcast, Lessons From The Core and I couldn’t have done it without Chris’s help and the challenge.